Sunday, July 11, 2010

Um really? What is that?

While browsing a crochet pattern site (lion bran) I came across this fun idea. They had the pattern in every possible color as well, as if you were not quite sold on the pom pom leg thing, seeing it in lime green would be the clincher. Ugh. It's bad enough that they had a pattern for these fun fur white leg warmer things....
But okay, I wouldn't shudder and run away if I saw someone wearing these. But Pom Poms? What are the people over at Lion Brand thinking? Maybe if you needed an embellishment for your Scottish festival costume, it would be just thing.... but please people not pom poms!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Kris (and family) came to Utah for a week to visit and have some fun. Yea we love cousins! First off was a father's day dinner at my house in the backyard. Some ribs, a little trampoline fun and ladderballs.

Here I think Tyler is thinking about how he is too mature for this crowd.

Uncle Adam and Pete were wrestling on the trampoline, so apparently the maturity level doesn't run too deep at our house. They were the great uncles until I think every child ended up crying from some hurt or another.

Action shot of Thaddeus and Pete engrossed in Ladder Balls. And yes we did have to go buy this game after they left, cause we love a reason to spend time in the backyard, its what its there for right?

Then one day we headed to Lagoon. Cadence was mysteriously absent this day, funny how we ran into another classmate at Lagoon who was also mysteriously absent (total coincidence).

For some odd reason, Cadence has become more frightened of the rides as she has gotten older. Not sure what that is about. Kind of takes the fun out of it when your child is screaming that she is gonna die on the boat ride. hmm.

We also went to the movies, Gardiner Village and out to dinner, the kids had fun playing with each other, and Kris got me back into making jewelry, which I haven't done in soo long! -