Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Boots

I love boots. Plain and Simple. Love them, wish I could live in them. The End. However, I have giant calves. huge. The Hubby says that they are so big, that they are now cows. Ha, I know. And yes part of my big calves can be attributed to my weight, but even at my skinniest I have some pretty gnarly calves. I almost didn't date my husband because my calves were bigger then his. Anywho, long ramble, I bought these boots and they are my new favorite. So much so that I bought them a size bigger because that was all they had. (that's what wool socks are for right?) The tall part of the boot is in two sections, probably to help facilitate over the jean wear, but this is awesome for my calves. Then the straps on the side are adjustable, and then I don't even have to let them out all the way either, which leads me to believe that a very skinny girl would have some issues. But I am personally loving them. They are Candies (Verona) boots, I bought them at Kohls, but good luck, they went fast.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New hat Pictures

This one's from Mindy's shop, and I am dying! So so adorable!

How we Spent our Fall

Lacrosse. Here is my little number nine in her giant blue socks. We were afraid that this pose was how it was going to be the whole year. Her first game she used her stick like a baton. We were worried. But by the next game, she started to pick it up and get into it.
Game three? She scored a goal. Her only, but still we were thrilled! We really mulled over wither we would put the girl in an expensive team sport (in another town I might add) because her attention wanders, she doesn't like to work hard, and she doesn't stick to commitments. But she begged us for this, so we did it, and we ended up pretty happy. The league is made up of 4th, 5th and 6 graders, so she was pretty much the smallest on the team, so hopefully next year she will have an advantage.

It is a pretty neat sport, entertaining enough to occupy 8 Saturdays in a row. And we are definitely looking forward to Spring season.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween 2010

So I am throwing up pictures from a few different activities, smashing them all together for one big Halloween Blog. - Lazy I know. First I crashed a daddy daughter night out to the haunted house. This is a once every 10 years kind of event, since they charge so dang much! Also it was so crowded on a Friday night that it is really hard to be scared when you are jammed in there. However it was pretty cool and authentic. So we had a good time checking out all the inventions and decor and what not. Like I said, good every 10 years.
Cadence and Molly, Retro Space Aliens. I made costumes similar to these for a work event at the Planetarium, and my daughter thought it was the coolest thing, so she got it in her head to be that for Halloween. She even called herself a Venga Babe (from the band VengaBoys - it's a song). I have to give her props it turned out way cuter then I imagined! Molly got green alien glasses, which Cadence didn't think was fair, so I found these purple Lady GaGa glasses, which I thought fit all too well. I even made them matching trick or treat bags. I know my child is spoiled.

We went up to Red Butte again for their Park After Dark, this year's theme was an international folk celebration. I love the work that goes into this, totally worth it!

Molly down right glowed in the black light alley.

The girls colored Day of the Dead masks. They also got to listen to a Romanian story teller, participated in Australian rituals and made gypsy potions.

Cadence touching the Vietnamese Lion Dancers.

Pete and I also went to a Halloween costume poker party. I was a Roller Derby Girl. (I loved my costume) and Pete, well he was Jesus, what else?

Friday, October 15, 2010


In the vein of being out of order and old, I had to share these pics of the cutest boys ever! On our way back from Colorado, we stopped in Denver for a night to stay with Lana, see her home and her fam. She has two of the cutest boys, I could eat them up. We went to a Dragon Boat Festival in Downtown Denver, very crowded, very hat.
Carver got this cool hat, so Uncle Pete had to complete the look by buying him a sword. Thanks Uncle Pete.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Summer time

Okay so I know that I am totally behind and now out of order, but I will try, and this trip was kind of special, so I wanted to include it. For my 30th Birthday/10th anniversary, Pete and I traveled to Grand Lake Colorado alone (meaning no child!!). Grammy graciously offered to take Cadence to Vegas to visit with cousins while mom and dad went away for 8 days.Now we kicked around some more exotic locations, but ended up deciding to go to Grand Lake, which is a quaint little town outside of the Rocky Mountain National Park. This little town suited us perfectly! They had a beautiful little historic main street boardwalk, with an old fashioned shooting range, arcade games, go carts and even a community musical theater. We were in love and started planning our retirement. (in case you are wondering we are going to open a game shop/bakery here in 20 years.
And yes the dog got to come along too. Long story, but we stayed in a pet friendly town house, that was incidentally nicer then our own home. The dog got walked every day though, since there was so much to see and so many trails to explore. The weather here was so wonderful, it really never went above 75 degrees and it rained every day, but in a good way like a light shower for 30 minutes or so, then blue skies again. Perfect!

Pete, loves squirrels, don't ask me why - but he loves them, tries to feed them when we go camping, etc. In Colorado, they have this giant animal that is a relative to the squirrel, called a marmot and they get up to 30 pounds! Pete thought they were the coolest thing about Colorado.

We saw a ton of Elk on our trip. In fact one day we decided to drive through the Rocky Mountain Park, we sort of procrastinated this because we thought it didn't sound very cool, but it was by fart he neatest thing we did on that trip. The road through the Park is the longest highest road in America. The elevation goes up to 12,000 feet (FYI. trees can't survive past 11,000), so of course this road is mostly cliffs and mountains, and it had to be under construction ( a little nerve racking for me). We drove all the way through and went into Estes Park, which is the larger more commercial town associated with the National Park. We shopped, ate Indian food (Grand Lake is lacking in the ethnic food) then drove back through the park. This time we took a different road back through, it is an unpaved one way road that has a length limit on the vehicles it allows on. I thought I would be terrified, since this road was only 9 miles and reached the same elevation heights that the other one did in 21 miles (IE straight up a all switchbacks). But this road was really awesome! First of all, no construction and no other cars, we stopped to take pictures of a waterfall, and bunnies without worrying about holding up traffic. Best drive ever.

Best thing about that drive were the spectacular views! Also we came upon a herd of about 20-30 elk mostly all male. we were so close! The entire drive was so breathtaking.

Unflattering self photo by a waterfall.....

I also talked Pete into going horse back riding. The back story on this is that he is never (i mean never) wanting to do this, or pay for it. He is always giving me a shpeel about how he had to do this on a farm, why would he pay for recreation. But he did for me, since I wanted to do it, and you know what? He loved it! wanted to go again the very next day. I had to post our pictures of us horse back riding since it seems so typical us. Of course it rained on us, and I had the most stubborn naughty horse (just my luck right?) So of course this is what I look like - kind of nerdy and clumsy then Pete...

Looks like a freaking cowboy stud, all natural, rain just rolls right off him, no he doesn't want to wear the ugly rain poncho provided by the guide, where I am saying "yes please, poncho me!"

So yea we had an amazing time. Hopefully we will not go another 10 years between a vacation with just the hubs and me. sigh, I miss it all ready.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Cadence Wore to School Today

I decided to start chronicling what my child goes to school looking like, since one I might forget the awesomeness, and two people might not believe me when I tell them. Yes this is a skirt from a pirate costume. She asked me if I thought it was weird to wear it to school. I told her yes, and she started to pout, her father chimed in with "it would sure be cute with your new boots." (thanks Pete) - I had to remind her that even if I thought it was weird she could still wear what she wanted, that made her day. I turned to Pete and said "betcha 10 bucks she puts on the vest and bandanna." I won. Pete talked her out of those though.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cover Girl

So I am breaking the dates of my posts to interject this bit of news; Cadence (along with a few of our other scouts) was on the cover of the Girl Scouts of Utah Magazine, which comes out every 4 months. She is obviously really excited about this and was chanting about how she was on the cover of a magazine. I had to tell her that it was only a Utah magazine though, so she then asked if I could blog about it so that everyone could see it. The funny thing about this though is that my friend had to call me and let me know, I got the mail and didn't even look through it, until she called me to let me know that she got her girl scout magazine. After my quizzical "so?" she let me know that my child was on the cover. Kind of exciting for us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Photos by Sheryll

My friend Sheryll took these cute pics while she was in Kentucky using some of my hats and dresses - wanted to share - I love her work and am really grateful to know really talented photographers.

I am particularly pleased with this shot, cause I knew this dress was adorable and would photograph well. I have had this dress on my website for the longest time and it has not sold, and I think it is just because it doesn't look as cute on a hanger as it does on a cute model. So I love how this one turned out.

MS Bike Race

So obviously I have sinned, sinned in the blogging world and need to pay penance. I saw that it has been over a month since I have blogged, ugh I couldn't even tell you what my problem has been. So hopefully I will be able to catch up a little with a few quick posts. - although knowing me, I am unable to be brief... But here is a little overview from the last weekend in June (yes June I am a slacker!).
Three of the Four Ford brothers before the 150 miles, Tyler was convinced to join the biking craze and he seems to love it. This was Pete's 4th year riding and probably his worst - after having his last job where he worked for 70 hours a week, he really got out of shape and had zero time to train. But he did it anyways, they might have had there best time ever actually and he did get up the next morning to do the 50 miles on the next day. He was hurting but he finished it, one thing I know about my husband, is that he won't let pain shame him or stop him once he commits. (it's the committing that sometimes stops him)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Um really? What is that?

While browsing a crochet pattern site (lion bran) I came across this fun idea. They had the pattern in every possible color as well, as if you were not quite sold on the pom pom leg thing, seeing it in lime green would be the clincher. Ugh. It's bad enough that they had a pattern for these fun fur white leg warmer things....
But okay, I wouldn't shudder and run away if I saw someone wearing these. But Pom Poms? What are the people over at Lion Brand thinking? Maybe if you needed an embellishment for your Scottish festival costume, it would be just thing.... but please people not pom poms!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Kris (and family) came to Utah for a week to visit and have some fun. Yea we love cousins! First off was a father's day dinner at my house in the backyard. Some ribs, a little trampoline fun and ladderballs.

Here I think Tyler is thinking about how he is too mature for this crowd.

Uncle Adam and Pete were wrestling on the trampoline, so apparently the maturity level doesn't run too deep at our house. They were the great uncles until I think every child ended up crying from some hurt or another.

Action shot of Thaddeus and Pete engrossed in Ladder Balls. And yes we did have to go buy this game after they left, cause we love a reason to spend time in the backyard, its what its there for right?

Then one day we headed to Lagoon. Cadence was mysteriously absent this day, funny how we ran into another classmate at Lagoon who was also mysteriously absent (total coincidence).

For some odd reason, Cadence has become more frightened of the rides as she has gotten older. Not sure what that is about. Kind of takes the fun out of it when your child is screaming that she is gonna die on the boat ride. hmm.

We also went to the movies, Gardiner Village and out to dinner, the kids had fun playing with each other, and Kris got me back into making jewelry, which I haven't done in soo long! -

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roller Derby

Oh yea! I have found a new obsession (ok obsession might be too strong a word) in Roller derby. This is where Pete and I went (with another couple) last Saturday night, and I am hooked. So I have always loved roller skating when I was younger, and after seeing the Movie Whip It last year, Pete bought me my own pair for Christmas. Turns out though, roller skating is really hard! It tires us out, our goal is just to skate for a 10 minute stretch before resting, its that hard. So with our love of roller skating newly refreshed, we bought tickets to the bout and went to find out what it is all about, and I am in love with it. As Pete put it, every aspect of this sport screams Laura, and he is fully behind me trying out for the can't have anything to do with their short shorts.... All of the players have cool funky names and little outfits and shticks to go with it, and then the actual sport is awesome, just enough aggression, with no actual fighting on wheels no less. Loved it! The whole thing was just a lot of fun, and yes we have been brainstorming for the last few days what our roller derby names would be, and yes I am planning this years Halloween Costume right now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Boulder Utah

Always on the go - and looking for new spots to camp/ hike/ four wheel - we reserved a spot at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch for the Memorial Day weekend. I was turned on to the town by a couple of co-workers who worked there last summer. I was told that it was an awesome outdoor spot, with tons of four wheeling trails, and I was sold, also the fact that they had openings when I called in February didn't hurt either.

We had never been to Boulder Utah, nor had I heard of it, but it is in the southeastern part of Utah, near the Grand Staircase Escalante National Park. The Cabin that we stayed in, only had 9 rooms, which kept it very quaint and quiet, also the staff there was awesome, very laid back and friendly. Overall the weekend was a success, just entirely too short! We had so many more things we wanted to do, but ran out of time. (and energy)

We went on this awesome hike to a waterfall called Calf Creek, it was an amazing hike, visually, and not too tough terrain. It was only 80 degrees or so, but we felt like we were burning! A lot of the trail was red rock and sand, which can be hard to trek through, and yes we took our dog. Sushi was awesome for the first half (3 miles) she was jumping up the rocks and we were so impressed with our little trekking dog.

The kids had a lot of fun, there were a lot of rocks and caverns to explore, and of course lots of lizards and snakes!

This is Annie and Dan and little Gabe posing under a tree.

And then we turned a corner and there was the falls, and it was really visually stunning, made the whole trek worth while. Unfortunately the water was freezing!

But the kids had fun, playing in the sand. Then they devised an ingenious way to climb up the wet slick rock, by carrying the sand up and covering the rock to give them traction, so that they could climb up, and then slide down. Fun to be had by everyone.

This is Emilee Fike with little Sophie and Annie with Gabe. - Unfortunately the hike back was another 3 miles in the heat, and our dog was finished. Pete had to pick her up and carry her, and it was pretty embarrassing.

There was also plenty of four wheeling trails, some groomed just for ATVs which is always a nice bonus. We went out on all 5 of the ATVs up Hell's Backbone Road to find a bridge called - what else Hell's Backbone Bridge.

The actual ride was really cool, there are tons of drop offs and chasms, that gave my height anxiety a run for the money, but the scenery was amazing!

The bridge was not very long, which was good for me, (fear of heights and all). I thought it was going to be like half a mile long, but it wasn't, but my heart still stopped every time Cadence leaned over the edge to look at how far down it was.

This bridge was created to loggers along time ago, when they had no way to get from one mountain side to the other, so they felled giant trees and laid them down across the chasm, and then drove across on those two logs. Yikes! The original log bridge is still intact underneath the road bridge, and it took about 2 seconds for Dan to hop the railing and start climbing around underneath.

So of course all the men had to do, brave maybe, but I kept thinking about them scooting across on logs, and I held my breath until I saw Pete again.

Here is my brother Adam, leaning over the edge. - Overall the trip was very cool, and I can't wait to plan another trip back there for a longer length of time. I didn't get any pics of the guest ranch that we stayed at, but we thought it was great, and I fell in love with that area, and that part of Utah. We went out to eat at the Hell's Backbone Grill, (which has been on Oprah - snooty snoots) but it was delicious, and the scenery and fishing was really awesome as well. And who doesn't love a place that sets aside trails just for four wheeling and keeps them groomed and safe? Loved it.