Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I put these curlers in Cadence's hair one Sunday for church, she looked at herself in the mirror and said "Hi, I'm Grammy, and I have perfect grammar!" I'm not sure about the grammar part, (although my mom is a stickler for proper grammar and Cadence must have picked up on that) but I hope it is not an insult - just very funny. Also the curlers are so my mom!

The next Sunday, Cadence got invited to a Pioneer Day Party. Now this is a little bit more of a deal here in Utah then I remember it growing up in Ca, people apparently get into it here (which is great). The invitation said though "wear your pioneer dress and bonnet". To which Cadence replied "I don't have a pioneer dress. I will just have to wear my Indian costume." I bit my lip to choke back the laugh and wondered if I should clue her in on the inappropriateness of this. Luckily we were in Idaho on the day of the party so it was a non-issue.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Island Park Idaho

So, Pete's sister organized a summer family vacation in Island Park, Idaho, which is about 20 miles away from the west entrance of Yellowstone. Pete and I have stayed there about 4 times in our marriage and so we usually have a good time. So with the help of a different (awesome) sister who thankfully watched Sushi for us, we packed up the four wheelers and headed out to Idaho. This long weekend did not disappoint! The best feature was that the weather never went above 80 degrees! We floated down a lazy (very lazy very slow!) river, played games, went to the Grizzly Bear Discovery Center, saw Old Faithful and rode our four wheelers all around Lake Henry.

The four wheeling was amazing! We went at about 8 at night right after it had rained - so no choking on dust and found this little trail that was gorgeous - full of wild flowers - of course I didn't have my camera, but let me just say; I stood all amazed, or sat going 30 miles an hour.

On our way back we drove through Jackson Hole - a first for me and again no pictures. This was quite a cool little town! Definitely on my "to visit list" for the future. We then drove through Afton, for memories sake for Pete (hometown and all) and I have to say that the extra hour detour was quite worth it! The drive through Wy was beautiful and calm - no other cars on the road. I really had flash backs of driving with my parents when they would take the long route just for the view, and they would talk about every building they saw, and I would be sitting in the back dying, just wanting to be home. Thank goodness for car DVD players!

So hopefully I am adding a slide show of the pictures I did take.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

First Pick of the Summer (or ever for me)

So here it is...the first edible thing that I have ever grown! Two zucchinis and I couldn't be more proud! This might not seem like an accomplishment, but you have to consider the fact that everything I planted last year died (soil comp. was not right). So this is an amazing feat for me, even Pete is surprised at my little green thumb.
Now this beauty is my much anticipated Pumpkin plant - I actually have two growing but this one is such a beast! I had to grow my own pumpkins since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I usually buy a million pumpkins to decorate my front door. So maybe I will save money? Doubt it. This pumpkin plant is actually like 8 feet long and is trying to take over the garden - crazy large, like something out of horror movie. I'm scared of it.

And this is what my mouth is watering for, can't wait till I have red ripe tomatoes right off the vine. Love it when they are all warm from the sun, straight to my mouth...mmm. And yes I know I need to get some tomato cages made and out there! Too lazy for my own good!
So, my only note to future self; next year I need to get the veg. garden planted earlier - I planted the pumpkin first since I wasn't sure if the soil was right or not, then planted everything else like 2-3 weeks later - and I don't think the peppers will make it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Banana Coconut Bread

Look at this deliciousness! Last sunday I made the best banana bread recipe that I found. I had been craving some sweet banana bread and made a loaf from the tried and true Betty Crocker cook book and it really left me wanting. Sorry Betty but your banana was a little too dry.

So this recipe called for double the amount of bananas and plain yogurt so it was garunteed to be moist and delicious. Then it called for coconut mixed in and sprinkled over the top before it was baked in the oven. If that wasn't enough to get me salivating then I mixed lime juice with powder sugar and poured it over the top! We ate the whole loaf before the day was over - yep it really was that good. And now I am wondering; Is it too early to make another loaf?

You can find the recipe on this cute blog - www.yourheartout.com then choose the recipe tab. Sorry that is the best I can do with my limited computer skills.

Our Family

Here we are the Fords; Pete, Laura and Cadence and now Sushi (not pictured). And yes this is an old picture but it's a good one. I am sure that in future posts there will be many up to date pictures to feast upon.
So....Why a blog? I have been mulling over this question for a while. I don't have a bunch of crazy kids that family needs to keep up to date on. I don't live in a foreign country where I can relate funny anecdotes of being a silly American. Honestly I am not sure that our life is interesting enough to warrent a whole blog - but hey it is our life and my blog so I guess I will do what I want!
Also I have been wanting a forum where I can post my crafts or my cooking or just my rants - so maybe this will turn into an adventure for someone (hopefully just me). Maybe there will be a little something for everyone; I will try to share reicpes and holiday ideas not just pictures of our family. If nothing else this could just be another outlet for me and me alone where I finally keep that new years eve promise of starting a journal. And if it turns out to be just for me, then that's okay too.