Friday, March 18, 2011

Christmas Catch Up

I know right? waaay too long since I last posted, can I blame it on the pregnancy? Poor guy too many things have been blamed on him. Sheesh I am lazy this time around. So Christmas 2010.... Started off with Christmas eve at the Ford grandparents. Cadence has the tradition of leaving Santa an assortment of Grandma's homemade treats, and a caffeinated beverage, because she reasons he needs to stay up pretty late (also she hates milk).
Christmas day we moved on to Grandpa and Grammy Dover's house for another round of presents. Here Uncle Adam is showing off his gift from Pete, uh huh.. truck nuts. Adam admitted that this was even too far for him, and he was uncomfortable with his I guess mission accomplished.

And Tyler? This kid kept me laughing by his outfit - classic ugly Christmas sweater.
Grandpa Dover with baby Cole, I have a picture similar to this with Grandpa and baby Cadence.

Then the Blakes and the Harr's showed up for more presents and more fun. It snowed a ton this week, which squelched any desire to go up into the canyons for sledding, but it all worked out because we found an awesome sled hill where we spent two days sledding.

Uncle Pete of course is the uncle that all the kids climb all over, he acted as a sled for the kids, they sat on him as he flew down the big hill.

Cadence, pretty exultant after an excellent ride down the big hill - I think I will miss this age where she can run up and down the hill by herself all day and I got to just watch.

And of course, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't show Carver's propensity for eating snow. Makes a parent proud I am sure.

We spent New Years eve with the cousins, ringing in the very cold (like 4 degrees) new year with sparkling cider, brownie sundaes and illegal fireworks - yea!

Carver did not care for the sparkling version so he opted for a real apple.