Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween 2010

So I am throwing up pictures from a few different activities, smashing them all together for one big Halloween Blog. - Lazy I know. First I crashed a daddy daughter night out to the haunted house. This is a once every 10 years kind of event, since they charge so dang much! Also it was so crowded on a Friday night that it is really hard to be scared when you are jammed in there. However it was pretty cool and authentic. So we had a good time checking out all the inventions and decor and what not. Like I said, good every 10 years.
Cadence and Molly, Retro Space Aliens. I made costumes similar to these for a work event at the Planetarium, and my daughter thought it was the coolest thing, so she got it in her head to be that for Halloween. She even called herself a Venga Babe (from the band VengaBoys - it's a song). I have to give her props it turned out way cuter then I imagined! Molly got green alien glasses, which Cadence didn't think was fair, so I found these purple Lady GaGa glasses, which I thought fit all too well. I even made them matching trick or treat bags. I know my child is spoiled.

We went up to Red Butte again for their Park After Dark, this year's theme was an international folk celebration. I love the work that goes into this, totally worth it!

Molly down right glowed in the black light alley.

The girls colored Day of the Dead masks. They also got to listen to a Romanian story teller, participated in Australian rituals and made gypsy potions.

Cadence touching the Vietnamese Lion Dancers.

Pete and I also went to a Halloween costume poker party. I was a Roller Derby Girl. (I loved my costume) and Pete, well he was Jesus, what else?