Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Boots

I love boots. Plain and Simple. Love them, wish I could live in them. The End. However, I have giant calves. huge. The Hubby says that they are so big, that they are now cows. Ha, I know. And yes part of my big calves can be attributed to my weight, but even at my skinniest I have some pretty gnarly calves. I almost didn't date my husband because my calves were bigger then his. Anywho, long ramble, I bought these boots and they are my new favorite. So much so that I bought them a size bigger because that was all they had. (that's what wool socks are for right?) The tall part of the boot is in two sections, probably to help facilitate over the jean wear, but this is awesome for my calves. Then the straps on the side are adjustable, and then I don't even have to let them out all the way either, which leads me to believe that a very skinny girl would have some issues. But I am personally loving them. They are Candies (Verona) boots, I bought them at Kohls, but good luck, they went fast.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New hat Pictures

This one's from Mindy's shop, and I am dying! So so adorable!

How we Spent our Fall

Lacrosse. Here is my little number nine in her giant blue socks. We were afraid that this pose was how it was going to be the whole year. Her first game she used her stick like a baton. We were worried. But by the next game, she started to pick it up and get into it.
Game three? She scored a goal. Her only, but still we were thrilled! We really mulled over wither we would put the girl in an expensive team sport (in another town I might add) because her attention wanders, she doesn't like to work hard, and she doesn't stick to commitments. But she begged us for this, so we did it, and we ended up pretty happy. The league is made up of 4th, 5th and 6 graders, so she was pretty much the smallest on the team, so hopefully next year she will have an advantage.

It is a pretty neat sport, entertaining enough to occupy 8 Saturdays in a row. And we are definitely looking forward to Spring season.