Thursday, January 6, 2011


So yes, its official, there is a baby brewing in my belly (okay uterus) and I will have to post the video of me telling grammy on Christmas - priceless. So now I can share all the indulgences that I have been looking up these last few weeks. It has been 10 years since I was last pregnant and I am pretty excited about all the cute things that have come around in those years. I will definitely be shopping from etsy this time around cause I am loving all the handmade unique, cute items on there. First up? This Castle Peeps quilt. Love the fabric and love the idea.
I am dying over these alphabet cards. Although I did see my nephew's alphabet cards for a nerdy baby and died laughing. Will be hard to choose.

I am loving these little handmade booties, some are reversible and they are so colorful and unique. I already purchased this pattern to make a whole army of shoes.

Love love love silk screened onesies. And who doesn't love this robot?

And I think this shirt will need to be a must have for me. And sorry that I did not post any links to these wonderful items, you can always go to my etsy shop and click on my favorites list.