Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This money shot is the one we will frame for when boy friends come over. Cadence has been on her school's jump club this last year and is posing outside with her awards. I am extremely grateful to the school and one mom in particular who has volunteered all her time so that the kids can have a jump club. I think it is awesome.
So the story I have to tell about the girl really doesn't have anything to do with Jump club, just thought the picture was a little funny. Everyday after school she has homework and chores, so one day after walking home from school (about 3/4 a mile) in around 90 degree heat she went straight into the bathroom declaring she was taking a cool bath. Fine, when she exited the bathroom she could only be bothered to put on pajama bottoms (pink pants with purple and pink horses on them). She planted herself under the swamp cooler (topless) until I reminded her she still needed to do her chore which was taking out all the garbage in the house. So she took a sack around and gathered up all the garbage and was ready to take them outside when I kindly point out that she will have to wear a shirt to go outside. She goes into her room and comes back with a cowboy hat on covering her long hair... "um Cadence you still need a shirt." She points at the hat like its obvious and says "the hat's covering my hair so no one will know I'm a girl - boy's go around without shirts all the time" She is rail thin but um.... the pink horsey pajamas? um no "put a shirt on!" She huffed and gruffed and put a shirt on.

Monday, June 27, 2011

MS Bike Race 2011

Cadence looking oh so stylish in her new hat - trying to beat the heat and avoid a sunburn. This is Pete's 5th year riding in the Logan MS 150 bike race. This year however we stayed in a hotel since I am days away from giving birth.

We took the kids on a little walk over to a nearby park where they have a cute little (teeny tiny) zoo. They needed to expend some energy and we needed to wait until the men finished.

This right here is the epitome of the bike race - free snow cones! I had to put a cap on two for the girl, but I am unsure how many my nephew snarfed down. Here the kids are waiting on the side of the road for the dads.

This year they decided to break it down and do 75 miles each day - instead of a full hundred on the first day - partly because this was Emerson's first year doing the ride. Way to go, pretty impressive for 13!

Tyler really wanted to do the whole 100 in one day so he struck out on his own and finished a little later then them.

The first night had an awards ceremony and a raffle drawing, each participant gets one ticket and the option to buy more tickets. Pete did not buy more, just went with what he had and tada - he won a sweet bike. I didn't even go over to the ceremony, but I was telling everyone else how Pete always wins drawings for some reason - just lucky I guess and sure enough he rode up on his new beach cruiser.

My eight year old nephew asked me what I would do if he did win a bike and I said "I will ride my fat prego butt all around this camp." So, when Pete rode up on it, I could see his eyes watching me and so I had to make good and ride that thing all around. It felt a little weird and I told Pete I was not impressed with his new bike, then I realized it is probably because of the 30 pounds of prego I am carrying around.

So I think the bike will become mine (much to Cadence's disappointment) since it has a whole 8 speeds and mine currently only has 3. The second day only Pete and his older brother Seth could handle the ride again and Emerson and Tyler sat it out while the two brothers took on another 75 miles. Way to go!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty Little Slip

So yes I am already dreaming of the day when I can go back to wearing normal clothes! I can't wait to be able to go into a store and actually try things on, instead of turning around and immediately vacating the store before I get down on my huge frame. I found this cute little shop on etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/aslipshop?ref=ss_profile Called A Slip Shop and their tag line is your slip is showing and we love it! - I guess I love it too, since I couldn't get enough of their slips.

Of course being as obnoxious as I am, I started thinking about how I can make my own, but I am in love with this idea. I am also drooling over their skirts which are not for sale - but they have some fantastic ideas, at least to get me really in the fancy skirt and shoe mood.

Check out their website for more great photos - and who knows maybe once this baby comes out you might see me sporting this look.