Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cadence's Dance performance

Can I just say that my child is wearing more makeup here then I usually ever do! Her teacher sent home a flyer that said to make sure their hair was right and that they were wearing stage makeup so they "pop" Really? she is eight - I don't think I need her to pop! Cadence was frantic that I do her up with makeup - She was quite upset when I couldn't produce any blush or lipstick - what can I say? I don't own any blush or lipstick! (the pink on her cheeks is liquid eyeshadow smeared on) Cadence is in tumbling and Hip Hop, so she performed in both and I have to say I was quite impressed with how she can get her body to bend in ways I never could. There might be some hope she takes after Pete in the Athletic department.
This is her hip hop outfit, and attitude. I think they are creating little beasts at her dance studio.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowboarding! (or more aptly called Why won't my body do what I want it to?

The family all came to Utah this holiday season. It was great, chaotic and fun! One day Kris and her kids and the Ford family went up to Solitude to meet the Dover family who was staying there for Christmas. The kids all had fun with each other, but this post is not about the holiday togetherness, which I am sure I will post more about later, no this post is about how what I loser I am when it comes to physical activities.
And by the way, I posted this picture cause I think it is really good, and I am just that narcissistic, I purposefully don't post pictures that are awful of me, and 9 times out of 10 they are, I am not saying anything deeper psychological about myself, I am just not photogenic.
Anywho, enough rambling. Rebecca wanted to try snowboarding, and since my husband is an avid snowboarder and I have all the gear already, I thought I would try a class with her. Kris being a good sport joined too. I do have to say that the class was a lot of fun, doing it with my sisters provided a lot of laughs. We practiced a lot on a little hill that we had to walk up, and yea that was tiring, but I was having fun. I started to think "hey I can do this, I can become a snowboarder". Then we took the ski lift up to the first bunny hill, and oh yea, I biffed it getting off the lift. I biffed it hard. Like cartwheeled over myself, with only one foot strapped in. yea it hurt. The rest of the hill was not much better, super painful. At one point I sat down, not because I fell but because I was so tired!
And sure I got back up and tried again, and I went back up the lift and tried again, but I was left with this overwhelming sense of failure. Now dear readers don't feel like I need a reassuring pat on the shoulder that is not what this is about. I just started thinking about all the things I do in my life, and yes most of it is crafts, and yes people tell me I am talented, but I stink at physical activities, and what a wall this is for me to realize that I genuinely suck at things. Sure I have said a lot of times that everyone has a different talent and I am okay with admitting what is and what isn't my talent, but to then take it a step further and say I am horrible and awful at something. Whew I don't know if the thought exhausts me or relieves me, but it is weird to think that. Also I can not even get up on water skis, try as I might, no way and don't get me started on the wake board. And I know some of you out there say - if you try hard enough you can learn anything, and sure that is the attaboy speech, but I think I am just not made for it. I have no grace, or coordination. But please don't get all feathered up, I will try again, I will not give up on trying to snowboard, especially since my husband loves it so, I just need baby steps, and a lot of practice.
But I will do it, or at least I am trying to commit in writing that I won't give up, but it just feels like kind of a break through to me to realize my limitations, to be so utterly frustrated by them to want to keep trying but to be so tired that I can not physically go on. I guess I don't hit very many walls like that in my life, no not because I am awesome (well maybe I am a little) but mostly likely because I probably don't put myself out there enough. (I don't think I could hedge anymore on this - yikes!) I think my brain is getting stagnant from not varying up my activities, not stretching myself enough. So no I don't believe in New Years resolutions, (cause who wants to be disappointed?) But I guess I just inadvertently set one for myself. How about that?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recipe on the Fly

I don't have a picture of this, it didn't look like it would photograph well, but it was tasty and super easy so I thought I would share my creation. Husband and I are trying to eat healthier, I am dragging my feet since I love food so much, I really need the heavy, warm filling foods (ie Carbs, Carbs and Carbs). So this was an attempt to satisfy those carb cravings, without overdoing it, and no I don't have a name for it sort of a mac and cheese substitute.

1 Box whole wheat fiber fortified penne pasta - cooked and drained - to this I added a bottle of white queso dip (from the chip aisle - has about 40 calories per serving. Then I added a can and a half of black beans, (had the half already opened in fridge, you could add whatever you want) then a package of cooked chicken sausage. I don't love real sausage, but I am really digging on the Walmart brand of Bistro Sensations - I used the habenaro and jack cheese sausage in this, sliced and cooked in a pan.
The queso and the sausage gave it a nice sharp spicy flavor, afterwards I thought about adding corn to give myself a vegetable serving, it would have gone nicely with it. oh well. So I figure this whole thing made about 8 cups, and for a one cup serving it was about 400 calories, give or take a few and 6 weight watcher points for those of you on WW.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cute Cute Pictures!

A client of mine, sent me these adorable pictures and I had to share. I love seeing my hats on kids and other people, sort of a satisfaction thing. Plus this turquoise and red is one of my new favorites! Had to share!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Thanksgiving at the Dover household! My Father (an architect) has built this overhang thing over the table, very cool and adds some interest to the kitchen. So for Thanksgiving he decorated it with cranberries and garland, I was very impressed with it and the centerpiece that I took a picture. That's right instead of pics of the family I got a picture of the table, pretty typical with me. Oh well, it was yummy food, a very nice day, and fun games. What more could you ask for?

Pete and Cadence, a little blurry but the only picture of an adult that I have, so I added here.

Cadence, April and Shadow (the cat). Cadence tried to maul April the way she does the cat, didn't really work out for her, at least April doesn't bite or scratch.

April, hitting the sauce, uh huh starting early in the Dover family! (Just kidding its apple juice)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me, and my Grand Ideas

I know. It's been awhile. I shouldn't be here, I have ten orders still waiting for me, and another craft fair to prepare for. I should tell you about Thanksgiving and the following weekend. However, instead I will blog about dribble, and how I try to come up with clever parenting ideas (they have to be clever to cover up my lack of them) and how they usually back fire.

So the latest.... we have been trying in vain to teach Cadence about the value of money. As soon as she gets a dollar, she spends it, and sometimes it is on silly weird things like the boneless chicken from Walmart. Also sometimes she makes annoying comments like (if something breaks) "oh just buy a new one". Argh! The other thing we struggle with is getting her to earn her privileges, for a while we had ticket or "mooey money" where she had to earn them by doing chores or being good and then spending them to watch TV or have a friend over.

Sooo my big idea (stolen in part from other ideas I have heard) was to pay Cadence straight out a dollar a day at the beginning of the week. Then she has to pay with an actual dollar for an hour of TV or computer or the wii. Sounds great right? This would limit her to only an hour a day, or she could save them up for the weekend, since we usually don't have time on school days. But this was her allowance (which we have never done before, but she asked) so she can have the experience of spending and seeing her money go, or she can try to save a couple of dollars each week, for a toy or whatever. Except my child, who's money normally burns a hole in her pocket is enjoying saving her money! She is saving like 5 out of the seven each week, which is great, it was what I wanted to teach her, and she has already bought Pete a present for Christmas with her money. But, here is my big butt (he he Peewee) if you have met my child, she is an only child and she talks, a lot. So instead of playing the computer for some awesome quiet time, she follows me around, and wants to play games, do crafts and generally talk about all the kids at her school and all the crazy things she has seen on you tube (her latest obsession). So yea, although I would call this experiment a success, she might be driving me crazy. Thank goodness there are lots of Christmas activities coming up!