Saturday, November 14, 2009

Love seeing my hats in action

Here are a few pics of some hats I did for Highlite Photography. One perk from doing craft fairs and selling to people I know is seeing the hats on. I already know how they look on me and my daughter but I really like seeing how they look on others, almost makes the hats more cute. So I pulled these pics off of Highlite's blog to share, Does anyone know if that is legal? oh well.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Night

I know it is a little late to talking about Halloween, but I haven't even taken down my decorations yet, and my pumpkins are slowly shrinking still on the front porch, so I can't be that late. I just wanted to share these photos and get them up here. We carved a few of my pumpkins, Cadence didn't really think I was going to let her, I'm not sure what else they would be for...except decor for Thanksgiving. First we had a Jack Skeleton pumpkin which is kind of funny since both my two sisters carved their pumpkins the same way. There is some crazy genetic type statement for you!
Then this one was Cadence's idea, (from the Family Fun website of course) she wanted a piranha eating two little guppies. Very cute I thought. For some reason I do not love carving pumpkins, maybe it has something to do with the fact that every two seconds Cadence asks if I will take over for her and I end up doing most of the work. What ever happened to just letting kids go and do whatever they can do? Oh well we threatened that we would make her do 100% of it next year.

We went to our Church Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat. I brought the dog, cause how cute is she? She hated the costume by the way. We totally ran out of candy cause I really underestimated how many kids would show up, especially since I didn't think 17 year old should be doing it nor 5 month old, really is that 5 month old going to eat that candy? I think if they can't hold their own bag then it doesn't count.

We went over to the Gibsons for Chili and trick or treating. Here is Kermit and Miss Piggy yet again, Miss Piggy did have some cool eyes, lots of pearl necklaces and a nose, all missing in action, and I should have taken a picture before they were lost. sigh.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Um, what is this?

So, being a crochet gal like I am I can always appreciate good workmanship and design. I also keep an eye for things I might like for myself. I have been noticing the scarflet look lately, you know kind of a chunky collar in a really scrumptious yarn. My eyes caught on this today. I really can't believe this is not a joke, and in the description they say that "hip girls everywhere can't wait to get their hand on this". um yea. not sure what else to say, but if you disagree with me and have an extra $159 dollars (uh huh it costs 159$!!!) you can purchase it here...

Red Butte - Garden After Dark

In Salt Lake City, part of the University of Utah, there is a large botanical gardens (Called Red Butte) that we are members to and this year we went to their Garden After Dark Halloween shindig. This event is so cute! I was really impressed, I thought the garden was just going to be decorated with jack o lanterns and they would sell popcorn and hot chocolate, and kids would be in costume, but Oh no there was so much for them to do... I totally want to make this a new tradition in our house.
There was pumpkin painting, Cadence made a Miss Piggy pumpkin and Molly decorated hers with every color possible and then a big BYU sign. Then they went outside for face painting.

Then they got to make their own witches broom from dead tree branches and dried grasses.

Very Cute! Also there was a story teller, sharing spooky stories and showing off magic tricks.

The girls loved the potion making the best. There were stations with different herbs and spices on the tables and they got these little glass vials to fill. The recipes were on big posters and both girls choose the flying potion. There was a a woman dressed as a fairy giving out "fairy dust" or glitter to add to the potions. Cadence still has hers on around her neck!

Miss Piggy giving Kermy a kiss on the check - her idea!

And Pete and I, carrying all the loot. I bought them glow in the dark swords and then we got hot chocolate and a caramel apple to split.