Saturday, March 27, 2010

Teaching 3 Year Olds

So I was trying to think up what to do with my Sunday School class tomorrow since we will not be there next week on Easter. I figure tomorrow better be the Easter lesson. I teach three year olds. Should be enough said right there, but can you guess how I much I want to teach three year olds about Christ's Crucifixion and then the Resurrection. Yea so I started surfing the web and turned to my old trusty web site Sugar Doodle - an LDS website with awesome lesson helps, I use it regularly and would recommend it. However today I found this picture and yes it was entitled "Edible Tombs" I had to click on it cause surely that is not Christ's tomb made out of a Hostess Snowball....and a pink one to boot!!! OMG! And I really hate those kind of acronyms but I am at a loss for words! I started to read thinking there must be something more to this then just having them decorate a tomb with frosting, but no, it is just that, but what killed me was the first line "A great activity that teaches the true meaning of Easter" What? is the true meaning of Easter that the tomb was cream filled and Jesus could have eaten his way out? Sorry Sunbeams but we are not making an edible tomb tomorrow, you will just have to stick to bedazzling plastic eggs and wondering what that has to do with Jesus.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family Stuff

I have been a little remiss on blogging this month and thought I should devote some time to the events that have happened in other family members life - after all those are pretty darn important! This is little Sophie Fike's blessing. Sophie is Pete's sister Emilee's little girl. She is adorable and so loved!
Here is Aunt Mindy with Sophie on her big day.

Later that month (or most likely the next month, I am just combining them all) Tayte and William Fike were Baptized! Yea boys, congratulations - Obviously the Fike Family has been crazy busy lately.

Also we welcomed little Gabe into the family. Gabe is Pete's little sister Annie's new little addition. He is an adorable little boy with tons of hair.

So So cute!
So some changes and additions for the Ford Family. We are still awaiting the addition of the newest Ford boy and Kanako's fourth child - really excited!
And also on the Dover side we are awaiting a new Dover addition, crazy amount of cousins (over 20!) especially crazy since I didn't grow up with any cousins.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I need a reminder of why I have embarked on this crazy (time consuming/sucking) organization. I loved Brownies, and I loved the friendships I made and the adventures we had. I now fully appreciate my leaders more then ever. Maybe it is karma, she (Claudine) used to say that I was the hardest girl in the troop. Sorry! Now we don't have any hard girls in our troop, they are all pretty wonderful.

These are a few of our girls at World Thinking Day. I think if I wasn't involved, Cadence would not be either, and I don't think she would enjoy herself half as much. So I need to remember why, especially when I am super sick of cookies. Also I need to remember to be grateful to the women in my past who sacrificed so much of their time to keep up this tradition/organization.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Kid Gets a Filling!

Cadence went to the Dentist today to get a cavity filled. She has not had a cavity filled for at least 2 years and as such doesn't remember at all what happens. So I talked her through it beforehand assured her it was no big deal - we have an awesome dentist, Pete and I love him with unnatural loyalty - (because normally I HATE the dentist). Anywho - she is a brave good kid and she is all ready for the filling. First he numbed her with gel so he could give her a pain free shot - (and I have had many of these shots so I know he is a master). The kid though, starts whimpering, and clenching her fists - I know it is all drama, because I see the dentist fake her out, she winces and he replies with "Now that one didn't really hurt did it?" She admits it didn't and he laughs. So the filling goes fine and quick (which is another reason we like him) - but she is so upset over how numb her mouth is! She is whining and holding her face.

So here is the point...
Secretly I am happy about this discomfort! I am giddy on the inside - I know I am a terrible mother/person - but finally I can say "see! See how important brushing your teeth is!" Finally I can goad over her, tell I told her so, because isn't that my right as a mom? Also the last few times she has had cleanings and they respond with "looks good no cavities" she has turned to me afterwards and said "no cavities mom and I didn't even brush my teeth all week." and I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists, and thought how is this kid going to ever learn? Ah now it kicks in; with pain!

Also on a side note, afterwards she starts telling me how hungry she is (we came straight from school) and then she starts literally holding her tummy and crying (fake) and she moans out, "my mouth is hurting I don't think I can even eat anything solid, I need something soft."
(Gritting my teeth again) I reply with "You are not getting ice cream or anything for that matter as a reward for having to get a filling...especially when you could have prevented the filling in the first place!" Jeepers what are kids thinking sometimes?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh Cookie Time

I can't tell you (because it is too shameful) How many of these I have eaten this week.