Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cover Girl

So I am breaking the dates of my posts to interject this bit of news; Cadence (along with a few of our other scouts) was on the cover of the Girl Scouts of Utah Magazine, which comes out every 4 months. She is obviously really excited about this and was chanting about how she was on the cover of a magazine. I had to tell her that it was only a Utah magazine though, so she then asked if I could blog about it so that everyone could see it. The funny thing about this though is that my friend had to call me and let me know, I got the mail and didn't even look through it, until she called me to let me know that she got her girl scout magazine. After my quizzical "so?" she let me know that my child was on the cover. Kind of exciting for us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Photos by Sheryll

My friend Sheryll took these cute pics while she was in Kentucky using some of my hats and dresses - wanted to share - I love her work and am really grateful to know really talented photographers.

I am particularly pleased with this shot, cause I knew this dress was adorable and would photograph well. I have had this dress on my website for the longest time and it has not sold, and I think it is just because it doesn't look as cute on a hanger as it does on a cute model. So I love how this one turned out.

MS Bike Race

So obviously I have sinned, sinned in the blogging world and need to pay penance. I saw that it has been over a month since I have blogged, ugh I couldn't even tell you what my problem has been. So hopefully I will be able to catch up a little with a few quick posts. - although knowing me, I am unable to be brief... But here is a little overview from the last weekend in June (yes June I am a slacker!).
Three of the Four Ford brothers before the 150 miles, Tyler was convinced to join the biking craze and he seems to love it. This was Pete's 4th year riding and probably his worst - after having his last job where he worked for 70 hours a week, he really got out of shape and had zero time to train. But he did it anyways, they might have had there best time ever actually and he did get up the next morning to do the 50 miles on the next day. He was hurting but he finished it, one thing I know about my husband, is that he won't let pain shame him or stop him once he commits. (it's the committing that sometimes stops him)