Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pete's new obsession

I would love to say that Pete's obsession is you know, family, me the kids. No it's snow mobiling. Usually every winter he is itching to snowboard, now, it's snow mobiling. Betty (his mother) booked a night at Daniel Summit Lodge for our Christmas Present so that everyone could go snow mobiling together. We had talked about getting one, since where we live is so catered to the sport, but this was the motivating factor that pushed him into the purchase.
This was out our room deck - our view a giant pile of snow. There was so much more snow here,  although it was only 12 miles from our house. Plus they pile up all the snow to clear the parking lot.
 Daniel Summit has an awesome lobby with lots of seating and games, so of course we had to play and Fin needed to run around like a wild man.
Cadence and Molly with very wind chapped cheeks.

 Cadence was a little cold from all that riding in the wind and snow.

 But hot chocolate in the lodge restaurant will always do the trick.
Fin didn't seem to mind the snow at all, in fact he was having so much fun, even when he fell down he would giggle uncontrollably and roll around in the snow for a bit before getting back up. He was hilarious, except he wanted to be outside the entire time.

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