Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

 We dont make too big a deal about Valentines day at our house. But it is still a fun occasion to make/eat goodies and to tell each other we love one another. Cadence made a Valentines in-box for her class and decorated it with some Star Wars Valentines that she drew herself, she amazes me like that.
 Then we made fortune cookies dipped in chocolate with valentine fortunes inside. I made a whole batch for Pete to take to his work and share, and then made a second batch for Cadence to share with friends at school. She is not allowed though to bring homemade treats to class, so these were just for special friends. I wanted it to be a surprise for Pete, but he accidently found out, so we dipped them in chocolate all together and Fin enjoyed the sprinkles.
 I used Paula Deen's recipe from here with a little modification - I changed the almond extract to vanilla and added the zest from one orange. - Very yummy and heartfelt.

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