Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cousin Time!

 The Harrs came to visit the last week of June (late post sorry) and we always love visits from cousins. Fin especially loves kids and couldn't wait to get his hands on some boys to play with. Cadence loves it because that usually means that she gets to go different places that we normally don't. First off has to be a trip to Classic Skating and Bounce houses. This place has it all, and although it was a little too big for fin, he still loved it.

We also visited the Thanksgiving Point animal farm, fin loves animals and wanted to spend so much time with the animals.

Carver loved the pony ride, Cadence not so much, she was a little too big for this sort of thing, but it was for 11 and under so she qualified. (I decided not to include the picture of her on the pony with the not so amused look on her face.)

I couldn't get the kids to hold still for a picture, oh well.
We also went to Seven Peaks water park, and a fun little hike in our neighborhood, I just didn't have a camera.

The Harr boys love Cadence, even first thing in the morning when she is too tired to respond. Fin loved the Harr boys and wanted to hug and wrestle with them, however Duncan didn't seem, to be much for the touching. Fin would throw his arms around him and hug tight as he could, and Duncan would just throw his arms up in the air with a very worried uncomfortable expression.

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